Important Message From The TV and Film Guy’s Reviews

Dear Reader(s),

As many of you probably know tomorrow is Thanksgiving. It is also the day on which I will fly halfway around the world. I’ll be spending the next two weeks out of the country and away from my computer. There will be no site updates during this two week period, but, do not worry, the start of the second week in December I’ll be back, refreshed, renewed, and replenished.

Please do not take a lack of updates between now and then as a sign that I have abandoned you. Take heart knowing that I’ll be back.

Until then, I wish you and yours the happiest of holidays.

Josh Lasser


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2 replies

  1. ok Mr. Lasser, do you even know what you’re reviewing? You wrote about “Great Moments at the Met: Viewer’s Choice” on PBS: “Oh, if I get to choose I’m totally putting down the best collapse in baseball history. How those folks over at the Met (or Shea if you prefer) managed to blow their lead and not make the playoffs is simple unbelievable. It’s insane. If I was a Met fan I’d be so unhappy about it all. It’s really the kind of thing that keeps you up all winter, isn’t it?”“Great Moments at the Met: Viewer’s Choice” is about the greatest opera moments of the last 30 years, it has NOTHING to do with baseball, thank you.


  2. actually that was not a part of a review, that was part of a listing of PBS primetime programs. Outside of the title the entire statement was a joke (a poor one perhaps, but a joke still).


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