Which Old Witch? The Wicked Witch of The Celebrity Apprentice

I feel as though a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I woke up this morning and the air seemed fresher, the sky brighter, and all the birds were chirping. I felt as though I'd entered a new, better world today. Why is that? Isn't it obvious? Omarosa was booted off The Celebrity Apprentice last night.

Okay, that may sound like a small thing, and something that we all knew was coming down the line anyway, but it was still wonderful to actually see it happen. Just knowing that it was on the way wasn't really enough for me. I had to see her go down in flames with my own eyes. And it was even better because it was Piers Morgan, her nemesis, who helped usher in her firing. It was a beautiful thing.

Sadly though, I could imagine a scenario in which the firing would have been even better. Omarosa knew even before she entered the boardroom last night that she was going home. She didn't really try to fight it; she took a couple of shots at Piers and made a half-hearted attempt to see Stephen Baldwin fired. But it was, as I say, only half-hearted. She knew that the defeat was so massive that there was no way that she, as project manager, was going to get away unscathed. She was resigned to it and that upset me. I wanted to see her go out with a bang, not a whimper. I wanted to see her act shocked and aghast the notion that she was going home. Instead, she knew it was coming and watched it unfold. It didn't hurt her quite as much as I wanted it to.

The best part of the entire thing actually occurred once the episode was finished. During the promo NBC touted next week's episode, repeatedly, as being “Omarosa free.” They actually recognize how much her antics and nonsense hurt the show, its reputation, and, quite possibly, its viewership. Omarosa was kept so long because the producers must have thought she was a boon, which simply wasn't the case. The woman is a loose cannon and the show trying to control her and thereby profit off of her backfired on them horribly. Of course, they deserved it, so how can anyone really feel bad for them?

It was really all so wonderful that it made every other show on TV last night pale in comparison. I know, Lipstick Jungle and Eli Stone always pale in comparison (and I'm not going to get started on Kim Raver's character's infidelity nonsense, I promise). Even Lost didn't shine quite as brightly due to Omarosa's firing. There was nothing huge in the episode last night for us to sink our teeth into and so, watching it following Omarosa being shown the door, it felt awfully small in comparison. Not bad, and it's certainly a better series than The Celebrity Apprentice; it just felt like a small episode. I like that Ben is still controlling things even as a prisoner, but it wasn't exactly a revelation. Next week does look like a pretty good episode however, what with them revealing the final members of the “Oceanic Six.” I'm sure that without Omarosa getting fired across the dial at the same time it'll be even better.


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