Okay, this is not usually my sort of thing, but it was weird enough that I figured I’d throw it out there.

I got an e-mail from a publicist about Snuggle doing a thing with So You Think You Can Dance to promote Snuggle’s new “fresh release” iteration. Apparently, they’re of the opinion that it’s swell enough that it makes people want to do their “happy dance.”

Now, I’m a big fan of the happy dance, whether it’s Balki-style (where it was the Dance of Joy), or Snoopy-style (where it was just plain awesome). As for Snuggle, whenever I think of them I think of Bruce Willis. That’s right, Bruce Willis. I have my reasons and I know what they are, and you could probably figure it out too, but I don’t want to belabor the point.

Anyways, Snuggle is getting people to submit happy dances, showing a happy dance every week during So You Think You Can Dance, and are even giving away a trip to the finale to a lucky winner. I wouldn’t tell you any of this, except that I’m about to embed video of crazy people who submitted their Happy Dances. To be clear, when I say “crazy” I not only mean that in a joyous, frivolous, not actually on medication nor necessarily really ill at all in any way, and, as I’ve been encouraged to do I must tell you that my opinions on these people sanity, or quality of their dance skills are not endorsed by FOX, 19, Dick Clark Productions, or Snuggle. That should be pretty obvious, but I’m telling you anyway.

So, here are two videos, in the first, the camera is actually held sideways. Don’t turn your monitor, don’t turn your head (I used to do the former when playing the original Prince of Persia game after drinking the upside-down potion just for kicks), just watch and wonder why I wonder why.


As for the second video, well, I tend to think it was a setup. I don’t believe that this girl was really dumpster diving, I think she was probably standing on something inside the dumpster. And, even if she weren’t, I’m still assuming that it was a brand-spanking new dumpster. It is entirely possible that she’s come somewhere near a dirty dumpster at some point in her life, but it wasn’t here and it wasn’t for this video.


Yeah, so, that happened. And, if you want it to happen for you, go here, because that’s where you can submit your very own happy dance video for me to stare at incredulously.