Baby Borrowers Fails to Excite

Did you watch Baby Borrowers last night?  Well, I did.  I have to say, I'm completely underwhelmed.  I wish I wasn't, but I am.  I expected more.  I expected… I don't know what, but certainly more than what we're getting.

The teenage couples just finished with their pre-teens, so next week they're on teenagers, and then the week after, the elderly.  Sure, we've seen some fights and we've seen some upset, and we've seen some children not being cared for as well as one would want them to be cared for, but that's the extent of it.  I know that it's a “reality” show and that as such the producers couldn't script drama, but couldn't they have plotted out more ways to shake things up?  Would that have been too much to ask for?

Last night, the big thing was a sleepover party at one of the couple's houses.  I guess the producers figured that the pre-teens would be too much for the couple to handle and that fireworks would ensue.  Yeah, that didn't happen.  The sleepover party went off without a hitch. 

Maybe the problem with the sleepover party setup was that kids are, on the whole, good.  Nothing truly horrible happened at the sleepover party because the kids know right from wrong – they like to play at doing wrong, but they know when enough is enough.  Accidents happen, but over the course of three days and with a moderate amount of adult supervision, things weren't going to get that out of hand.

That's not to say that parents are unnecessary, they're hugely important, they teach right from wrong and guide the child into adult, it's just that over the course of three days the kids probably weren't going to end up on the wrong path in life.  It's like leaving your child at his/her grandparents' house – they're going to be loaded up on sweets, sleep deprived, and somewhat spoiled when you get them back, but there's not going to be any long-term damage done. 

Next week, with the teen couples taking care of teens there certainly is the potential for bigger problems than occurred this week, and I hope those problems occur, but that'll only be because the teens are purposely messing with the couples.  It will probably make for better television than what we saw this week, but it will have little validity in terms of the “experiment” taking place. 

Maybe I'm just down on this week, it was interesting to see them take care of babies and they were even able to make that into two episodes.  Maybe that's why it was more interesting.  The last couple of episodes have ended before they even began.  The couples get the kids, they play for a few minutes, put the kids to sleep, play for a few minutes, put them to sleep, and then the parents come.  There's simply not enough time to go into anything that happens.

But, that brings me back to my earlier thought, doesn't it?  Maybe they go through everything so quickly, maybe they didn't spend two episodes on the toddlers and pre-teens because nothing happened, because there was nothing to spend the time on.

I'm just disappointed.  I don't want blood, I just want drama and thus far Baby Borrowers hasn't delivered.


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  1. I totally agree that something is missing. I had to force myself to watch the entire first episode. I can’t see teens accustomed to The Hills, Brooke Hogan and all the Flavor of Love spin-offs interested in viewing this show. I would have loved to have seen MTV Docs tackle this issue. You know they would have brought the drama. It would have been both compelling and instructive.


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