What I Watched on My Summer Vacation

The new television season is almost upon us, and, quite frankly, I can't wait for it to commence. While some shows have premiered during the past two weeks, it is this week when “my shows” start premiering. We've already talked some about what I'll be watching this season, and we'll be talking more in the coming days, weeks, and months about them, so rather than focusing extensively on that, let's focus on what I did during my summer vacation.

Well… I watched a lot of Top Gear. I watched as much as I possibly could and always wanted to see more. I actually just watched another episode last night, and I'm beginning to really enjoy the show's digs at the United States. They point out a lot that is wrong with our country, from our inability to make cars to our foolish government. It's not just a genius, zany, comedic car show, it's a political and social commentary, too. Okay, maybe I'm a little too high on the show, but I'm definitely still high on it.

And, speaking of high, there's that swell doctor guy on FOX, House. He is, as you know, the titular character on FOX's medical drama, and, he would greatly appreciate my using the word “titular.” That's totally his kind of thing. He's lewd, crude, a genius, and, most importantly, he doesn't care what anyone thinks about him (usually). He is solely out to find answers and he doesn't care whose toes he has to step on.

He's like me, or maybe I'm like him, I spent hours on the phone yesterday haranguing a company and several of its employees until they would agree to support their product. I didn't start with the harangue, but it wasn't until I raised my voice that I got results. House is smarter than I am, he starts off with the yelling and complaining. He would have accomplished the same task as I did, but he would have done it in three-and-a-half hours less time (we're similar, not identical).

Plus, Hugh Laurie is actually British, and if you've read other things I've written (like the second paragraph above), you'll know that I'm something of an Anglophile. I could move there if not for the weather.

But, that's getting far afield, isn't it? Back to the task at hand – what I did on my summer vacation.

I watched The Secret Life of the American Teenager (though I don't know why and didn't particularly enjoy it), The Mole (and I'm sad to see that show again disappear), Hell's Kitchen (good, but not great this year), Eureka (still liking it, but wondering what happened to Max Headroom), and Dragons' Den (another British show). I've complained, ad nauseum, about the Olympics, lamented In Plain Sight, and reveled in the return of Monk and Psych.

Let it not be said that I haven't had a productive summer. I have. I've been productive. I found ways to fill my time and commune with my television (I make room for the important things in the world).

But, I am so ready for the new TV season to start. I have high hopes. Some will be dashed by mid-October, others by December, and even more by next May. And a few, a precious few, will live on until next September.

I'm excited and I'm ready. Are you?


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