NBC Looks to 2009-2010 Season

In their continued attempt to ignore the traditional “Upfront” model of presenting their television slate to advertisers, NBC today held an “Infront” in which they announced some of their programming for the 2009-2010 television season.  NBC is set to announce the rest of the shows in their lineup and their schedule as a whole on May 19, which is during the normal Upfront week.

Today however NBC gave a glimpse of their plans, including the addition of four new dramas to their lineup – Parenthood, Trauma, Mercy, and Day One, this last one is being touted as an “event series.”  Parenthood is based on the Ron Howard film, whereas Trauma is executive produced by Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights) and focuses on first responder paramedics.  Mercy, is also medically based, but is the view of a hospital from the eyes of the nurses.  The network also announced the pickup of two new comedies, Community and 100 Questions.  The latter of these focuses on a woman's search for love via a dating website where as the former is about a study group at a community college.

The announcement today also included returning series in the fall will include Heroes, Southland, and Parks & Recreation.  The network had previously stated that The Office, 30 Rock, The Biggest Loser, The Celebrity Apprentice, Law & Order: SVU, and Friday Night Lights would appear on the schedule.

Look for more info on the series as well as NBC's reality show pickups (including a Jerry Seinfeld one) and NBC's actual fall schedule in the coming weeks.  Will Chuck or My Name is Earl be on that final schedule?  Only time will tell, but until that time take a look at some of the definitely returning series:




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