A Look at the Week (or two) Ahead and Some Philosophy

Just a quick little overview of the world today, and I’ll explain why…

Remember how a while ago I explained that I had started running? Yes, well that whole thing comes to a culmination this week with a 5K in DisneyWorld (because where else would you go for a run?). It makes the whole week rather busy, especially as I—quite obviously—have to go see “Age of Ultron” on Thursday evening.

I tell you this because I want you to know that when I don’t put up an article here at the blog in a given day, it may make you think that I haven’t written, but that isn’t the case. For instance, today, my review of “The Golf Club” went live over at Blogcritics and I also submitted another review to IGN which will be published down the line.

Beyond that, a new “Lass is More” is set to go live tomorrow and I’ve been working on that today as well. It’s a full episode, not a minisode, and I think that you’re going to like it – rather than talking to an actor or director, it’s a discussion with a TV critic about the state of television, where it’s headed, and what shows they like. Slightly different for us, but I think has some worthwhile thoughts.

Then today has also featured preparation for another “Lass is More” interview I hope to record later in the week.

See? There’s a lot of good stuff coming down the line (and that “Golf Club” review isn’t down the line, it’s available now), including a discussion of that DisneyWorld 5K next week. And I tell you all this because I think it’s relevant where the person you’re reading is coming from.

Let me tell you why that is, as an example, there I was last week, putting together questions for an interview. One of the things I wanted to ask required a reveal on my part, it required that I admit a fear. Someone suggested to me that perhaps I didn’t want to do that, that to reveal myself might… I don’t know, make the whole process less mystical and magical.

I think it shouldn’t be mystical.

I don’t imagine for one second that everyone will agree with me when I write something, and that’s okay. We all have different opinions on things, the important part, in my mind, is to be able to explain where my opinions come from (what I see as working or not in a project). Those opinions are intrinsically related to who I am as a person and so to better understand me is to better understand where my opinions come from which ought to help someone else better judge whether those opinions are relevant for them on their face or if they need to take them with a grain of salt. So, sometimes you get a post like this instead of my thoughts on great last night’s “Game of Thrones” and “Mad Men” episodes were. But, rest assured, I think they were great.

Stay tuned, there’s lots more stuff coming down the line.  Hopefully that stuff will include some thoughts on “Age of Ultron,” but we’ll have to see.

photo credit: Marvel

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