This week, “Lass is More” eschews a discussion with the folks making media and instead has a discussion with someone else covering it. HitFix’s Daniel Fienberg comes on the show to talk about where the networks stand here at the end of the season and where things may head down the line.

As you are undoubtedly aware, the advent of streaming is changing the way TV is consumed. Ratings are down on the traditional networks, and now Verizon has launched a new, semi-unbundled cable package. It all becomes insanely confusing, but Fienberg ensures us that at least for the near future we’re not going to have to throw our TVs away. As for a la carte programming and networks being able to make their way in such a world, Fienberg has thoughts on that as well.

So, listen, enjoy, cogitate, and email us at if you have any questions or thoughts.