"The Stanford Prison Experiment" – And how does that make you feel?

Oh those psychologists and psychiatrists and other various sorts of brain-probing scientific-types, they are a kooky lot, the kind that likes to draw large conclusions about the world and the way humans work based solely upon their own personal experiences.  You know, the “If I feel this way, everyone must because I am well adjusted and normal” kind of thing.

One sometimes worries about the studies they put together because, well, trying to define normal and what average behavior is can be difficult.  Not that the difficulty level will stop people.

You can currently read over at IGN my thoughts on “The Stanford Prison Experiment,” a movie based on a real life experiment that took place in the early ’70s and followed a fake prison on Stanford’s campus.  As it turns out, power corrupts, and as for the movie, it isn’t perfect, but it is interesting.

photo credit: IFC Films

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