The IGN Review of "Ted 2" as Read by Someone who isn’t me

Having someone else read your words is always an odd experience.  Or, it is for me.  I have a tendency to write in a conversational tone and I hear myself giving emphasis to specific words or sentences across a piece.  When someone else reads my words they don’t how I would read them, what emphasis I would give, and consequently things sound somewhat different than how I imagined them.  I tend to think of this as a shortcoming in my writing.

I think back to Elaine on “Seinfeld” arguing about exclamation points and explaining which sentences she would put them on.  It isn’t quite the same thing, but if I can’t reference a TV show or movie when I’m talking about something, what’s the point.

Now, I tell you this to say that you should hear someone else read my “Ted 2” review, which appears at IGN, below.  I have absolutely no complaints whatsoever about the reading–I think it’s great, in fact–it just strikes me as weird to have my words coming out of someone else’s mouth.

photo credit: Universal Pictures

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