Today is Tuesday and so, as regularly happens on Tuesdays, I have a new “Lass is More” podcast to share.  Another minisode, this one looks at the new Wim Wenders documentary, “The Salt of the Earth,” which he co-directed with Juliano Ribeiro Salgado about Juliano’s father, photographer Sebastiao Salgado.

Many folks out there will certainly argue that the movie is stupendous.  I think that while the images are great and the concept behind it is wonderful (Juliano wanted to know more about the man who was away for so many years during his childhood), it never gets as deeply into the elder Salgado’s life as it really should.  It leaves me a little cold because of that.

I really don’t wish to take anything away from the photographs we see in the film–they are amazing–or the man who created them, I just wish we got more of both.  But, enough of my telling you about it here, click play and listen to how I speak of it there.

photo credit: Sony Pictures Classics