Robin Williams’ Final On-Screen Performance in "Boulevard"

So, here we are, another Monday.  The Monday after Comic-Con.  The Monday before… Tuesday.

Listen, okay, they can’t all be winners, but sometimes there’s an undeniable truth to them, something you see and then can’t stop staring it.  Sometimes you watch, transfixed, looking for something more.

Today, I give you the link to IGN’s review of “Boulevard,” my review of “Boulevard.”  The film is Robin Williams’ final on-screen performance and even if it doesn’t fire on all cylinders, Williams still proves to be exceptionally charismatic, terribly watchable, and a true genius.  He is aided in the film by his supporting actors and letdown by a script that is sometimes too safe, too old.  On the whole, it works, but it only gets to that whole because of Williams.

So much has been written and said about Williams, and we can assuredly expect to hear more through the years.  He was a giant among men and while I wish that there were more films of his to watch, my bigger wish is that he had been as happy as he made so many others.

Photo credit: Starz Digital


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