Kids do stupid things. It is just one of those things about being a kid – you’re going to do something you shouldn’t do and that has the potential for injury (bodily, mentally, emotionally). Part of my job as a parent is minimizing the stupidity and praying that serious injury doesn’t result from it.

Watching kids do dumb things in a movie then is often difficult – I can picture my son doing whatever it is the kids in the movie are doing that they shouldn’t be. He seems vaguely determined to break a bone at some point in his life, mostly because he believes that accidents can’t happen. No, there’s no way climbing that bookcase could possibly go wrong. Surely crawling down the stairs head first today won’t result in a loss of balance and falling like it did yesterday. Running headfirst into the bannister seems like a great plan!

So, I watch a movie like “Cop Car” and just can’t help but see my son and one of his friends as the two main characters, kids who slowly but surely push the limits and have things go very, very wrong. It is, at times, tough to watch, but fascinating and wonderfully made nonetheless.

My review of “Cop Car” is currently up over at IGN. The movie hits theaters today and is well worth checking out.

photo credit: Focus World