"Lass is More" Talks to Actress (and more) Tracey Birdsall

Yes, it’s Monday, but we’ve got a new episode of Lass is More anyway!  Why?  Because we recorded it, because it’s interesting, because we’ve got a minisode coming later this week.

There are, in short, any number of reasons to go live with this on Monday, but the most important thing to know is this — Tracey Birdsall is an actress, but not only an actress.  She’s also a writer and a producer.  She has worked in the industry for years, and she has plenty of thoughts on her current projects, her past projects, and how she has gotten to where she is now.

This episode of Lass is More features Tracey — who has an upcoming film, “Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter” — talking about it all.  From whether she has regrets to her favorite sci-fi movies, it’s all here.

photo credit: Pacific Coast Entertainment

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