"Lass is More" Looks at Monsters, Horror, and Halloween

I do not like horror movies.  This is an intense dislike I have felt for years.  But it actually took me years to figure that when I say “I do not like horror movies” that exists with caveats.  I don’t mind monsters and monster movies.  I am absolutely fine with nearly all psychological terror.  Hannibal Lecter?  No problem.

It is the slasher/things-that-go-bump-in-the-night movies that don’t work for me.  I take movies home with me, all movies.  I like to be immersed in the world the movie offers and that doesn’t go well with horror movies.  I have no desire to take horror movies home with me, to try to go to bed at night and think that they’re might be a machete-wielding loon in the other room.

But, it is October and therefore Halloween is looming and horror is everywhere.  Today, Lass is More looks at the sorts of horror movies I like… even if I don’t think some of the specific examples are great movies themselves.

Don’t be scared, listen and enjoy.

photo credit: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

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