"Lass is More" on Legos, "Aladdin," and "Inside Out"

We have a big discussion today on Lass is More as we look into things that are meant for kids but great for adults too.  Actually, as I’ve said before (and totally mention in the podcast), all the best kids things work for adults as well.  There truly is something cross-generational about so many “kids’ movies.”

Most of the podcast is a discussion with Oscar-winning director (and two-time nominee) Daniel Junge.  His most recent film, “A Lego Brickumentary,” is out on Blu-ray and DVD, but I also spend a bit of time before the interview talking about two other examples of kids’ things working for adults, “Aladdin” and “Inside Out.”

Truly, this last one, “Inside Out” is the perfect example of what I’m getting at with this kids-stuff-that-works-for-adults line of thinking.  Your mileage may vary on something like “Aladdin” (which I see differently now than I did 20 years ago but still love), but “Inside Out” is all about that transitioning from childhood to adulthood, what it means, and how your views change.  Riley experiences such an incredible shift over the course of the movie and starts to see her world in a new light.  It takes her time, but she eventually works out that while she may feel differently about her memories now than she did years ago, they’re no less powerful.  In fact, they’re more powerful, more dynamic.  She finds a different sort of enjoyment/fulfillment from her memories than as a kid, but they’re still there.  It is a brilliant movie and hands down one of my favorites from Disney-Pixar.

Both “Inside Out” and “Aladdin” are now available on Blu-ray and, as ever, Disney has done a stupendous job putting them out with great sound/video, digital versions, bonus features, etc.  They would go on my Christmas list if I didn’t already have them.

But, now, click below, listen, and enjoy.

photo credit: Disney/Pixar, Radius-TWC, Disney

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