The Voice of Wendy Darling on “Peter Pan”

Today’s podcast episode features Kathryn Beaumont, the voice of Wendy Darling, as well as author and historian Mindy Johnson.  The two women stop by in support of the new Blu-ray edition of Peter Pan, which is out today. Just what was it like to work on the movie?  What was the process?  Why did they… Read More

Richard Levine Talks “Submission” and Me Too on “Lass is More”

Today we have writer-director Richard Levine on the podcast to talk about his new movie, “Submission.”  The film stars Stanley Tucci as a professor who pursues a relationship with a student and quickly finds himself going to a very bad place.  It is film which, Levine tells us, he’s been working on for years but… Read More

“Lass is More”: What do “Cars 3” & “The Glass Castle” Teach us About Personality

This week marks our 100th “meander” episode of the podcast! To celebrate (maybe) we’re talking about how the various bits of our history help shape our personality and how that can come across (or not) in movies. Well, I say “movies,” but I don’t really mean movies in general. No, we’re specifically looking at “Cars… Read More

“Lass is More” on “Beauty and the Beast” and “Bambi”

There is a new “Beauty and the Beast” movie.  But, you already know that.  It stars Emma Watson and Josh Gad and Dan Stevens and Luke Evans and it’s out on Blu-ray this week.  Also out is the 75 year-old “Bambi,” in a new edition with some new bonus features and the great, original, film.… Read More

“Lass is More” Interviews “The Last Laugh” Director and Examines “Moana”

There are just some things you don’t joke about. We have all heard people tell us just that — it’s wrong, it’s too serious, it’s inappropriate, it’s disrespectful.  Whatever the reasoning might be, each and every one of us has either thought it, said it, or heard it. Well, on this week’s podcast we talk to Ferne… Read More

"Lass is More" Hunts for the "Wilderpeople" with "Beauty and the Beast"

What is that the want in life? I am of the belief that we regularly don’t know the answer to that until we find it.  I would never have figured that my life would taken me where it has–it certainly isn’t what I set out looking for–but I couldn’t be happier. So, today, Lass is… Read More