If you head over to IGN today, you can read my reviews of both “The 33” and “By the Sea.”  Not to spoil those pieces, but I’ll tell you right here and now that I was disappointed by both movies.

These are both movies that could have been great.  One has a brilliant true story to tell and can’t manage to, while the other has two excellent actors front and center (and I think Jolie Pitt is a solid director, too).  I don’t mean to sell “The 33” short in the acting department either, but it doesn’t fail there, it fails in telling the story.  “By the Sea,” doesn’t so much fail in telling the story as in failing to have a story to tell.

They’re both just so disappointing.  But, don’t take my word for it here, read what I say over there.

My IGN review of “The 33.” 

My IGN review of “By the Sea.”

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