Not everything in this world is as straightforward and simple as we would have it be. There are contradictions with which we have to deal. One that I’ve been struggling with — Michael Moore.

I think that so much of what Moore has to say is correct. I think that much of what he argues for are things that we should consider. I think that he often stands on the correct side of the argument.

I also think that with his latest movie and New York Film Festival selection last year, “Where to Invade Next,” he doesn’t try all that hard. I think here he’s preaching to the choir and has, at best, made half a movie. Again, it’s not that his ideas are necessarily wrong, it’s just that he’s not backing them up with any sort of action and it makes me contemplate whether his films have prompted any sort of larger successful movement at all.  That is, Michael Moore has been pushing for a certain kind of movement in this country, via his films, for nearly 3 decades are we better off now or not?

I don’t know that we can answer “yes” to that.

photo credit: Anchor Bay Home Entertainment