Movie Review: “Love & Bananas: An Elephant Story”

Even if it doesn’t entirely succeed, there is something admirable about Ashley Bell’s documentary, “Love & Bananas: An Elephant Story.”  The piece follows Bell who is accompanying elephant rescuers in Thailand as they attempt to move an ill elephant 500 miles to a sanctuary. Bell serves as director, one of the writers, and a producer on… Read More

“Lass is More” Examines “Megan Leavey” & “Born in China”

For today’s Lass is More, we’ve opted to look at two recent Blu-ray releases both of which have a heavy focus on animals. Why? Because animals are awesome. Also because the depiction of animals in films can be nearly as varied as the depiction of humans. One of today’s movies, “Megan Leavey,” is a scripted… Read More

New York Film Festival Movie Review: "13th"

To a large extent, and whether we tend to like it or not, documentaries are all about constructing an argument. They are about putting together the pieces of a story in such a way so as to create the strongest, most unassailable impression, possible – it isn’t enough to believe something, and it isn’t enough… Read More

"Lass is More" Delves Deeply with "The Dwarvenaut"

On today’s podcast we have not one, but two interviewees.  Sitting down together to talk to us are Josh Bishop and Stefan Pokorny of the new documentary, “The Dwarvenaut.”  Bishop is the film’s director while Pokorny is the main subject. In fact, “The Dwarvenaut” revolves not just around Pokorny, but his life and work.  An… Read More

"Lass is More" Figures out "Where to Invade Next"

Not everything in this world is as straightforward and simple as we would have it be. There are contradictions with which we have to deal. One that I’ve been struggling with — Michael Moore. I think that so much of what Moore has to say is correct. I think that much of what he argues… Read More