"Lass is More" on Animation, "Zootopia," and "Anomalisa."

I know that I’ve talked before about animation and how the best animation is work that is for both kids and adults, that gets everyone in the audience excited.  Well, I’m back at it today, but this time with two very different films — “Zootopia” and “Anomalisa.”

“Zootopia” is clever in a way that I don’t think many animated movies are.  The more I watch it, the less I love the story, but I’m ever more entranced by the world and the way it’s constructed.  The amount of time that had to go into working out just how such a place could possibly function is something I food outstanding.  And, “Anomalisa,” well… there’s an example of animation that is out definitely not for children — it is an R-rated bit of brilliance that I find stupendously interesting.

But, rather than my writing about all of it, why don’t you take a listen to the podcast and hear me wax pseudo-eloquent.

photo credit: Paramount/Walt Disney Studios Animation

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