On today’s podcast we have not one, but two interviewees.  Sitting down together to talk to us are Josh Bishop and Stefan Pokorny of the new documentary, “The Dwarvenaut.”  Bishop is the film’s director while Pokorny is the main subject.

In fact, “The Dwarvenaut” revolves not just around Pokorny, but his life and work.  An artist, Pokorny is the owner of a company called Dwarven Forge which makes gaming terrain for “Dungeons & Dragons.”  That is, essentially, he creates mini visible worlds through which players can travel on their quests.

If you’ve read my IGN review of “The Dwarvenaut,” you’ll know that I liked it immensely.  I am happy to say that Pokorny and Bishop were just as interesting in conversation as the film that they have put together.

So, take a listen, and definitely search out the documentary, it really is fascinating.

photo credit:  FilmBuff