“Lass is More” on “Beauty and the Beast” and “Bambi”

There is a new “Beauty and the Beast” movie.  But, you already know that.  It stars Emma Watson and Josh Gad and Dan Stevens and Luke Evans and it’s out on Blu-ray this week.  Also out is the 75 year-old “Bambi,” in a new edition with some new bonus features and the great, original, film.

All that got Josh wondering — does the success of “Beauty and the Beast” on both a creative and commercial level (and while not liking all of it, it is a success creatively) mean that we can look forward to a new “Bambi” down the line?  What does a new “Bambi” look like?  And, how does the movie’s environmental message get transformed in this new, ridiculous, world?  No, it doesn’t look like the ridiculous (but funny) “SNL” thing with The Rock.

photo credit: Walt Disney

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