“Lass is More”: “Maze Runner” is like “The Commuter,” but Good

I am often intrigued by the setup of a movie — the way it builds whatever problem is to be tackled, or the way it creates the world in which the movie is to take place.  That said, all too often a film will create a great problem, a great world, a great idea, and then fail to deliver on the premise.

This comes up now as “Maze Runner: The Death Cure” is nearing its theatrical release which caused me to watch “Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials,” which is nowhere near as good as “The Maze Runner.”  The first establishes a great premise and keeps everything ineriguinging.  The second is a bore.  The third?  That remains to be seen.

Another movie with a great premise that doesn’t execute?  Liam Neeson’s latest, “The Commuter.”  Excellent notion for a tale.  Terrible tale itself.

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photo credit: 20th Century Fox/Lionsgate

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