The Minds Behind “Most Likely to Murder”

For our second podcast episode of the week, we have Dan Gregor and Doug Mand, whose new film, “Most Likely to Murder” is currently available on demand.  The two men wrote the film together, with Gregor directing and Mand appearing on screen alongside Adam Pally, Vincent Kartheiser, Rachel Bloom, and more. The film is heavily… Read More

Ashley Bell on the Emotional Journey of “Love & Bananas”

Last week, I posted my review of “Love & Bananas: An Elephant Story.” This week, I’m fortunate enough to have the film’s director, Ashley Bell, on to discuss the documentary. As related by her, Bell’s story is an incredibly powerful, meaningful, one. It comes across in every answer she gives, each of which feel considered… Read More

“Grease” is the Word… or is it?

For its 40th anniversary, “Grease” has gotten a pretty spiffy new Blu-ray edition.  The real question though is whether or this classic movie musical is something best relegated to the dustbin of history or if it is still as slick as ever. Oh, certainly, there are some undeniably great moments, but there are some that… Read More

Josh Runs… Why is that Again?

We are going to do a non-movie/TV based episode this week.  I apologize and ask you to forgive this bit of indulgence.  I also promise that next week we’re going to talk about movies again.  In fact, we’re going to be talking about the filmic version of “Grease” specifically. But, this week… this week the… Read More

“Lass is More” Pits “The Post” Against Trump

I went to see “The Post” for a second time and rather than taking pages of notes, as I did the first time, I wrote down one sentence:  “Is it possible to root for ‘The Post’ and the Trump administration?” There was an entirely different podcast that I planned for today, but looking at that… Read More

“Lass is More”: “Maze Runner” is like “The Commuter,” but Good

I am often intrigued by the setup of a movie — the way it builds whatever problem is to be tackled, or the way it creates the world in which the movie is to take place.  That said, all too often a film will create a great problem, a great world, a great idea, and… Read More