Richard Levine Talks “Submission” and Me Too on “Lass is More”

Today we have writer-director Richard Levine on the podcast to talk about his new movie, “Submission.”  The film stars Stanley Tucci as a professor who pursues a relationship with a student and quickly finds himself going to a very bad place.  It is film which, Levine tells us, he’s been working on for years but obviously in the wake of the Me Too movement, it’s something which has taken on a different sort of significance.  Levine offers us the history of the movie and how it’s resonance has changed this week.

Additionally, we very briefly touch on “Coco,” the fabulous Disney-Pixar film which is currently out on Blu-ray.  “Coco” may feature some thematic similarities to “Submission” in terms of a focus on the family, careers, and the choices we make sas they relate to the two, but one could never be confused with the other.  “Coco” is a movie for every age group while “Submission,” most certainly, is not.  And, the problems in one movie do not match the problems in the other.

Even so, “Coco” is brilliant.  It is fun and smart and wonderful to look at.  Check it out today if you haven’t seen it already.

And, of course, listen to the podcast below and make sure to subscribe in iTunes.

photo credit: Great Point Media

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