Our Mission? Five Films in one Week

My daughter and I recently set ourselves a task — to watch all five “Mission:  Impossible” movies in a single week.  Not only did we succeed, but we got to see the evolution of this incredible film franchise.

Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt is a rare of example of a single actor playing a character for more than 20 years.  Not only that, but, somehow, the “Mission:  Impossible” movies are just about as good as they’ve ever been.   That is a stunning feat.

Listen to today’s podcast as we talk “Mission:  Impossible” and “Jack Reacher.”  The first “Reacher” film and the five Hunt epics are now all available on 4K UHD and make for some pretty great viewing.

Click play below and don’t forget to subscribe on Apple Podcasts.

photo credit: Paramount Home Entertainment

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