Movies that Mess with our Perception

As is tradition for our first podcast after the Oscars, we give the awards show a brief mention this week to complain/explain why we’re not really talking about it and quickly move on to something else. This week, in fact, we have three somethings else — “Snatchers,” “Parasite,” and “Shutter Island.” All of these movies play with perception and while that do that with the characters within the story, we’re going to look more about how the audience’s perception of the film is adjusted as the story unfolds.

Naturally, what with three films in the offing, we’re going to do it all quickly, because our commitment to you, dear listener, is that if we’re not interviewing someone in a given week, we are not going to take up all your time.

So, click below to listen and enjoy, don’t forget to subscribe, and know full well that we like each and every one of the movies we’re talking about this week.

photo credit:  Paramount Home Entertainent/Neon/Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

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