Russell Crowe and the GOP: “Unhinged”

The idea of a movie, just any old movie, opening up in theaters shouldn’t be novel.  There was a time when we got new movies in theaters every single week.  Then, we allowed a megalomaniacal individual to run amok in the highest office in the country.  The result is a number of deaths rapidly approaching 200,000 and a massive change in our way of life.  Naturally, the GOP has decided to not only renominate this hooplehead, they’ve made their entire 2020 platform promotion of his ideologies.

We’re talking about it all on today’s podcast, because just like the Russell Crowe movie we tie it to, the GOP is “Unhinged.”

Listen below, don’t forget to subscribe, and consider who you’re voting for and what that vote means.



photo credit:  Solstice Studios

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