Now That it’s Out, was “Free Guy” Worth the Wait?

Do you ever sit there for months on end waiting for a new movie or game or book or album to come out?  How often does all that anticipation, all that build up, find you disappointed when the thing finally emerges from its cocoon?

Ryan Reynolds’ film, “Free Guy,” is one of many movies delayed due to Covid, but after a theatrical release at the end of the summer, the movie is now out on Blu-ray and digital.  This pleases my son immensely as the boy has been looking forward to watching it for the past two years.

Just what did he see?  Did it live up to his expectations?  Click play below to find out and don’t forget to subscribe. We’re available download at Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadioAmazon Music/Audible  and more.

photo credit: 20th Century Studios

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