The Indie Family Drama that is Marvel’s “Eternals”

It is all too easy to sit there and get angry at the superhero genre for taking over the box office.  It is all too easy to shake your fist at what the MCU has done to the world.  But, that’s too simple and it overlooks the crucial fact that not all Marvel movies are the same (side note:  it overlooks a lot of other stuff too).  Marvel movies play into any number of different genres.  Seriously.

Just look at Chloé Zhao’s “Eternals.”  This is an indie drama of a movie.  It deals with a family in crisis, is hugely moody, and debates things like whether it’s better for the world to end.  Out now on digital and next week on Blu-ray, “Eternals” is the subject of this week’s podcast, as is the notion that maybe, just maybe, nuance exists in our world.

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photo credit: Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment

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