Does “Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul.” Stray from the Path?

Sometimes there is a movie that is chock full of good ideas and led by great performances.  There is a genius at the heart of such efforts. And yet, as we all know, making a movie requires more than that. There are so many ways a movie might stray from the true path.

Today on the podcast we examine one such film, “Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul.” Starring Regina Hall and Sterling K. Brown, the movie attempts to walk in the light, to deliver something divine here on Earth. Sadly though, temptation may have gotten in its way.

Just how did that happen? Where might writer/director Adamma Ebo have gone wrong? Take a listen to find out and as always, don’t forget to subscribe.  We’re available for download at Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadioAmazon Music/Audible and more.

photo credit: Focus Features

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