Staying Small with “Jerry and Marge go Large”

Movies like to advertise themselves as the biggest and best thing you’ve ever seen. They are the funniest or the scariest or the loudest or the one with the most special effects or… whatever. Sometimes that’s just too much though, isn’t it?

Yes, sometimes you just want a movie that will vaguely amuse for as long as it runs, a movie that won’t overstay its welcome and won’t tax you too heavily. Sometimes good enough is good enough. That is exactly what we’re treated to with “Jerry and Marge go Large.”

How does it work? Where does it fail and where does it succeed? Let’s take a moment and delve, but not too deeply, into it. Take a listen and as always, don’t forget to subscribe.  We’re available for download at Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadioAmazon Music/Audible and more.

photo credit: Paramount Home Entertainment

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