This Bond & Beyond

Last week the good folks at Sony/MGM and the James Bond producers announced that on May 2, 2008 the next Bond movie would be released (following this year’s Casino Royale).

Am I the only one that finds this ludicrous? Well, probably not, but am I the only one that finds it insane for the following reason: next year is their only chance for 1,000 years to do something truly special. Next year is their only chance for the 1,000 years to release a film in the year Double-0 7! They are going to completely pass up this chance.

I understand the hundreds of millions of dollars involved in this franchise (perhaps the most successful in film history), and the cost of delaying this year’s release to next year or moving up the 2008 release to next year. You risk over-saturating, releasing inferior product, and tons of other issues. But people, next year is the year 007! They have to do something HUGE for this and I haven’t heard any plans.

Danjaq! Barbara Broccoli! Michael G. Wilson! Sony! MGM! Anthony Waye! ANYONE! Next year is the year 007, there ought to be a worldwide fete of some sort. Is anything in the works?

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