TV & Film Guy has a bunch of pet peeves. Well, let’s be honest shall we, he has a TON of them, but as we are limiting ourselves here to TV & Film, it’s back down to just “a bunch.”

One of them will be solved this year with Lost airing new episodes several weeks in a row rather than sandwiching single new episodes between four weeks of repeats. Now, as long as the new episodes don’t turn out to be simply rehashing the storyline so far (did lost air three of four of those last season?) I’ll be a happy guy. Wow, speaking of pet peeves, how many recap episodes do we need (and the same is true of Desperate Housewives)?

I think the idea of going without repeats, doing a season like 24 has done theirs the past few years, or NYPD Blue did theirs for several years makes a ton of sense. It can be hard to keep up for some, but the ratings for 24 show that it can still work, even in a series like that where every episode is important.

In other news…

I don’t know if you’re paying attention, but Friday night on Psych they again mentioned the detective that appeared in the pilot. And, from the way it was brought up, it certainly feels as though it may be a recurring theme. Good for them. Way to make a change like that work as a recurring factor in the show. It’s not done as some crucial plot point, but rather just an amusing thing that keeps coming up. It makes the audience feel as though the producers see us as intelligent. Or, at the very least, it doesn’t make it appear as though they think us stupid. Which in and of itself is worthwhile.