The Reality of Friendship

Friendship is a rare thing in reality TV. Let’s face it, Rob & Amber are the exceptions to the rule (and the jury’s still out whether that’s real or a friendship of convenience). The odd thing though is that reality TV contestants don’t seem to recognize it and are always amazed when they get stabbed in the back. Thus it shouldn’t amaze me that Garrett surprised that Keith betrayed him twice last night on Hell’s Kitchen, but it does. Did he not see this coming? And then Keith betraying him a second time must have truly sent him into something more than a tizzy. But how in God’s name was he surprised?!?

Surely the people going on these shows at this point have seen at least one other reality competition at some point. Surely they’ve noticed the backstabbing, lies, and generally deceitful actions that take place on a regular basis. Do people like Garrett genuinely get surprised when people like Keith lie to them? Do they believe that their ‘friendship” is more genuine than all the others on reality shows? Or is it all just an act? I find it baffling.

Speaking of my being baffled, and please write in if you have the answer to this question, last night on Treasure Hunters, the Miss USA team was, briefly in second place, they were then bypassed by three other teams and lost. However, they never knew that they had been passed, the other teams solved the clues without going to the various locations. Does the producer tell the team that they were in second place and then blew it, or do they have to sit at home and watch the whole thing unfold on TV to realize how close they’d come to making it to the next round?

I should also say that I feel vaguely bad for the Miss USA team, the Geniuses and Ex-CIA just seemed to be in the right place at the right time when the Southies figured out the clue. And, while I’m giving my feelings, let me just add that I really like Air Force & the Southies, and that if the Southies ever trusted their own instincts they could be doing spectacularly. Of course, the Southies are still in the hunt and as it doesn’t really seem to matter whether you’re in first or second-to-last it doesn’t make a difference at this point. But will it in the future? Tune in next week and find out…

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