TV & FG’s Weekend Round-up

So, I saw the movie, and I gathered this much from it: there were snakes, there was a plane, and the snakes were on it. It was perfectly fun although nothing terribly special. It’s not quite in the Harold & Kumar so bad it’s good range, and it’s repeatability may be low, but I enjoyed my time.

Speaking of Harold & Kumar, good for Kal Penn. Way to get a new job; I just hope this doesn’t impact the filming of the sequel, because I want to see what happens in Amsterdam.

I like watching sporting events on weekends in the summer, it seems like the perfect lazy thing to do after getting out of the pool while waiting for the charcoal to be ready and trying to get a nice beer buzz on. But, I have to say that I’m getting increasingly tired of the promos for new fall shows. The promos appear during the breaks (fine I can tune that out) and then the announcers have to act as shills too, and that’s where it really gets to me. I just can’t believe or accept that these guys have watched the shows, care to watch the shows, remotely believe what they’re saying about the shows, and aren’t gagging just a little when they promo them. “The most anticipated new drama.” “The most anticipated new thriller.” “The most anticipated new drama-thriller.” “The most anticipated new thriller-drama.” “The funniest show of the new season” “The smartest show of the new season” “The smartest funny show of the new season.” And on, and on, and on. I’d much rather hear some inane statistic about the pitcher throwing to lefties in the bottom of the seventh when he walked the previous batter, the next batter is a switch hitter, and the pitcher’s team is down by four or fewer runs. If they want to eat commercial time by promoing shows go for it, but stop impinging on the actual program.

(This could lead into a whole discussion about snipes and the foolishness that causes snipes to be more than a tiny bit of the bottom of the screen and to have sound and to do other things to stop me from watching the show I’m watching in order to promote a show I wouldn’t watch even if I weren’t being barraged with the suggestion that I watch it which only makes me want to watch it less and makes me contemplate turning off the show that I’m currently watching and stopping watching anything and everything on that particular network in general. But, I won’t do that because it’s Monday and just too early in the week for that sort of thing).

So, to some up, snakes and plane make for good fun and totally worth the price of a matinee ticket (provided it’s a Wednesday and that you’re at AMC and getting free popcorn for going).

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