Losing the Hunters & Entourage

I sat down last night at 10 all ready to watch the last episodes of Treasure Hunters, remember that I spent 2 hours with Hell’s Kitchen last week and so had to catch-up on my Hunters this week, only to discover that my TiVo failed to switch channels and I had two episodes of Wife Swap instead of Treasure Hunters. I cannot express to you my disappointment at that moment…I promptly deleted Wife Swap and watch Sunday night’s episode of Entourage.

I like that show. There, I said it: I like Entourage, even if this season isn’t quite up to last season’s truly excellently fun level. I think that Vinny’s ripping into movie-making and money juxtaposed with his (and his friends’) lifestyle and the fact that the lifestyle is made both available and affordable due to his star status which only exists because of the Hollywood machine makes for good television. I think that someone should point out the inherent hypocrisy contained therein more openly, but it’s definitely there. Granted, Vinny does try to make up for it by doing prestige projects, but that really doesn’t quite fully make up for it, especially if he’s doing superhero pics. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Yes, yes, Jeremy Piven is great, and everyone loves his character, but, all the supporting characters are really well portrayed, not just Piven. He’s, obviously, the most over-the-top (and maybe true to life) outrageous, but the entire group of friends and everyone they come in contact with seems well-conceived (I particularly like Martin Landau the last two weeks). I like to see myself as an Eric, but with even less power and without the rich friend that can buy me anything and everything that I want, but I like to think that’s my mindset, whether it is or not.

It’s fun…fun, fun, fun.

And, if you disagree with that can we at least come to a consensus that it’s better than a Paris Hilton CD?

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