Veronica Mars

That Veronica Mars, she sure is a little spit-fire, and the shows not half-bad either. From an intriguing over-arching mystery to single-episode contained story-arcs I’ve had a great summer watching it (a show that until June I hadn’t seen a single episode of).

It tends to be another well-written show with outdated (‘80s) pop-culture references that I like. Of course, that’s one of the problems with the show too. I absolutely believe that Kristen Bell herself gets the references she makes, though I tend to doubt Veronica would. This is especially true given the fact that she seems to spend every waking minute involved in solving a mystery or making out with a boyfriend. When did she find time to watch so many hours of TV Land and to rent the Brat Pack’s greatest hits?

I almost must quibble with the way her father has raised her. It’s not that every parent doesn’t make wrong or weird choices, it’s just that he sees his daughter doing blatantly wrong things ALL the time and tends not to get overly agitated about it. He of course has moments when he decides to parent, but way too often let’s his daughters transgressions pass as though they were unnoticed. Take last night’s repeat episode…her dad finds Veronica hiding in a closet in the principal’s office and never mentions it to her later. It’s as though he only fleetingly cares for her well-being and upbringing. I almost must quibble with her Dad answering his cell phone when he was breaking and entering into Kendall Casablancas’s (Charisma Carpenter) house.

And, as long as I’m mentioning Charisma Carpenter, I may as well mention Buffy, The Vampire Slayer, a show which this certainly does have the feel of, from the writing to the mysteries, to the teenage girl hero taking on more than she can handle. It’s absolutely a worthy successor of that mantle, and even if its stories are moderately more down to earth than Buffy’s were, it’s still pretty fantastic.

The show is definitely on my fall schedule, even if they’ve decided not to do a season long arc and will instead be dividing it into 3 different mysteries. But, I don’t really feel like I have a right to complain, they think that this change will drive viewers to the show, and it could certainly use a larger audience if it’s to be picked up for a fourth season.

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  1. Who can’t love Veronica Mars, the modern day Nancy Drew? It’s one of my favs as well. Although I must say that the father/daughter relationship is one of the things I love most about the show. I think it’s more a “like father, like daughter” kind of thing. But, I wouldn’t hold up the VM father/daughter model as one to follow.

    Now as to whether VM is a successor to Buffy…that’s a pretty tough act to follow. Joss Whedon is a genius. Hands down.


  2. I should clarify, I like the interplay between the two, but can’t imagine that he shouldn’t be moderately more protective instead of simply throwing up his hands every time.

    But, you are right, the interplay between the two is great to watch


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