Thoughts on the Newest "Madame Bovary"

As of yesterday, over at IGN you can read my review of “Madame Bovary,” or at least the newest filmic adaptation of the classic novel.  It is one of those movies where some things work really well, others work quite poorly, and while it has its moments it never gels as it should.

The highlight of the film, hands-down, is Mia Wasikowska who is compelling even when her character, and the characters around her, are not.  It is this last thing which is the movie’s biggest issue.  Also to the good are the costumes, sets, and Rhys Ifans.  I don’t know why I toss in Rhys Ifans into a sentence with costumes and sets, but in my world you list things in threes and Rhys Ifans is quite good and should be listed whether I list in threes, fives, or 10s.
photo credit: Alchemy

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