This Tuesday bring us a new Lass is More minisode, and this one is one a subject near and dear to my heart — cartoons.  I spent last Saturday morning sitting in front of the TV, bowl of cereal in hand, watching a new compilation of Disney animated shorts with my kids.

The results?  Wistful nostalgia, naturally, wistful nostalgia.  It is great having so many choices of things to watch, but it means that something like Saturday morning cartoons gets lost in the shuffle.  I am in no way advocating going back in time to those years when there were but five or six channels, but I do think it’s important to remember that change brings both good and bad, nothing is entirely one or the other.

And, speaking of nothing being entirely good or bad, this selection of animated shorts features many brilliant ones, a bunch of good ones, and one that I just don’t care for at all.  Listen, learn, and enjoy.

photo credit: Walt Disney Animation Studios