"Hitman: Agent 47" in My Sights

Once again I come to you with a voice other than mine reading my IGN review of “Hitman: Agent 47.” Not to spoil my review too much, but I gave it a score of “okay.” Yup, the movie is “okay.”

Here is, essentially, how it all breaks down — if you like the game but don’t require logic to your movie plots or a film to perfectly follow the game on which it is based you’re going to have fun with “Hitman: Agent 47.”

As a game franchise, “Hitman” is one I’ve enjoyed through the years, but it isn’t one that necessarily translates brilliantly to the world of film.   Essentially, the goal of the game is to go through the various missions slinking from shadow to shadow, silently killing enemies, and alerting no one. That might make for a brilliant short film, but not a feature.

Watching a guy do that for 90 minutes is going to get really boring really quickly.  The challenge is to get something true to the characters, true to the idea, but not a pure translation.

In this case, I think they did an adequate job, creating a movie with some really fun action sequences (and the aforementioned lack of logic to the plot).  But, that isn’t for me to say… or my voice to say anyway, that’s for you to hear someone else say. Click below, it’ll be great.


photo credit: 20th Century FOX

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