Christopher Nolan Made a Documentary Short. Really.

When you think of Christopher Nolan–or at least when I think of Christopher Nolan–I tend to think of labyrinthine films, generally with longish runtimes.  I think of “Inception” and “The Dark Knight” and “Interstellar” and “Memento” but more as well.  What I don’t think of with Nolan are shorts and documentaries.

Not surprisingly, Nolan sees things differently.

He has in fact made a documentary short which have been playing alongside three shorts from the Quay Brothers.  This is a perfect fit for the documentary short as it’s about the brothers.

Going into see these four shorts I couldn’t help but wonder just what a Christopher Nolan documentary would look like.  Would it be full of false flashbacks?  Would it seem like it was going to end and then continue on?  Would it be dark and disturbing and cause me to keep thinking about it long after I’d finished watching?

The answer to some of these questions is “yes,” and others “no” and if you want to find out more you can read my IGN review.  But, the real point of why I tell you all this is because there are directors we associate with certain types of movies just as there are actors we associate with certain types of movies.  That doesn’t mean, however, that they’re the types of movies these people want to do, it’s just what they have been doing.

This sort of line of thinking makes me wonder whether a lot of the stars we know and love would choose to do the movies that they’re doing or whether their heart lies elsewhere.  Does Tom Cruise really want to keep making “Mission:  Impossible” movies or would he rather go back and do more awards fodder?  Does Harrison Ford really want to be Han Solo again?  Would Stallone rather put Rocky behind him permanently?

I would bet that the answer there is also just what you would think it is — some folks would rather leave a role or genre behind them while others are perfectly happy to keep making certain films if the audience still enjoys them.  It is the specifics though that concern me, not the general — who would rather do what?  I think it would change how I saw them and considered their movies.

Unfortunately, I don’t think those are answers we can truly ever get.  Or, if we do get them, we can’t necessarily believe them as people are always thinking about their next project or the one after that and a long-term legacy and so many other things.

And now that I’ve created my own labyrinthine maze from which I will never be able to extricate myself, I’m done.

Just something to think about.

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