“Rocketman” and “The Banana Splits Movie” Offer a Look at History

rocketman banana splitsWhat does our past tell us about ourselves?  What does someone else’s past tell us about them?  Is the past a springboard for who we are now or something to avoid?  Is there a direct connection, a linear sort of trajectory, or are there loops and zigzags and jumps?

Today on the podcast we’re looking at two movies which discuss the past in fascinating ways:  “Rocketman” and “The Banana Splits Movie.”  Yes, the films themselves are indeed very different, with one being a biopic and the other being a horror comedy, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t significant overlap.

Take a listen below, be sure to subscribe to the podcast, and feel free to tell us that we’ve lost our minds.

photo credit:  Paramount Home Entertainment/Warner Bros Home Video

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