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Josh Lasser is a freelance entertainment reporter/critic. His work has appeared in print, online, and perhaps one day in book form.

  • Eureka

    I will avoid any silly statements about SciFi finding the right program (and any comments that they may have made upon finding it), but the numbers for the first episode of Eureka seem to indicate that the new series will… Read More ›

  • Treasure Hunters, The Amazing Race, & Cheers

    Treasure Hunters, which I actually quite enjoy, is most often referred to as something akin to a low-rent version of Amazing Race, a show which I assiduously refuse to watch. Why, you ask? Surely if I like the former I… Read More ›

  • Some Television Basics

    Due to having a full-time job and my family commitments I can’t watch as much TV as I like (hence my wanting to review for a living), so what follows is what I plan on watching this fall (not including… Read More ›

  • Who I am & The reasons behind it

    Do you go to the movies? On a regular basis? Well, you should. You should go once a week, you should go more often, you should definitely go during the day in the middle of the week when it’s just… Read More ›