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  • Movie Review: “Brightburn”

    As you may have noticed, superheroes are all the rage today.  You can’t go to a multiplex without having a superhero movie playing on multiple screens or trailers for several upcoming films or lobby cards or some combination thereof. It therefore… Read More ›

  • Movie Review: “Booksmart”

    Every few years a new senior year in high school/senior prom/graduation movie comes along.  By and large, these tend to be truly raunchy comedies.  And yet, for all the raunch, the best entries in the genre manage to get at… Read More ›

  • Does John Wick Blast his way Into Your Heart?

    On today’s podcast, with the third “John Wick” film sitting atop the box office, we take look at the first two films and just what makes them so successful.  There’s a little bit of Bond there.  There’s some great world… Read More ›

  • Movie Review: “Photograph” (2019)

    Do opposites really attract? There is an incredibly large number of movies which display individuals from very different backgrounds falling in love with one another and, perhaps, living happily ever after (stories tend to focus less on what happens next). … Read More ›

  • Movie Review: “Perfect” (2019)

    There are movies which are easy to watch, or rather, ones that the audience can receive without difficulty.  Then there are more difficult watches, ones which require the audience to be an active viewer… or maybe even an active participant…. Read More ›

  • Movie Review: “A Violent Separation”

    Sometimes it doesn’t matter how foolish the impetus for a plot is, but rather how the work follows up that foolishness.  One well worn movie and television storyline has people covering up an accidental death. Often such tales are ridiculous, with… Read More ›

  • Hot Water is Good

    Rather than following our usual format for a podcast–one which has me obsess about some aspect of a film–this week we’re going off the beaten track.  Yes, this week we’re going to talk about hot water, tankless hot waters, and… Read More ›